SA Downloads

If it were possible we would have loved to produce all SLG's materials under optimal recording conditions in carefully controlled environments.
However, live events never take place in perfect conditions.
In those situations one has to weigh various aspects when making decisions with regards to the releasing of teachings.
The set that has taken me the longest to edit is the one whose quality is somewhat lacking. It took me about eighty hours to edit an eight CD set.
Why? Because the sound system was less than perfect and I had to adjust the volume of almost every word of the first two hours of recording.
However, the set was released because of the spiritual significance of the content rather than the quality of the audio.
So, whilst every effort is always made to optimise the making and editing of the recordings, my primary consideration is often not whether the quality of the audio is perfect.
By far the more important consideration is disseminating information to all who wish to serve the Kingdom through the application of the tools that is made available.
Therefore, we ask those who avail themselves of the opportunity to acquire these recordings to see it in that light.
And as you will soon discover, what the recordings may lack in perfection in places, they more than make up for in strategic impact and significance.