We all came from somewhere. We have a family, a hometown, and some kind of culture and heritage. Within that framework are all kinds of variations – points of joy, points of pain and probably a few points we haven’t given much thought to. For some of us the story is idyllic, for others, not so much.

Yet our heritage plays a huge role in our present lives. It was all chosen by God without our permission, for the purposes He knew in advance. It comes in one package – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good we may accept without comment or thought, the bad and the ugly we may reject entirely without hope of redemption. Either perspective is costly. Our heritage is a living part of God’s gift to us and in it are huge treasures to unpack.

In this teaching I will share some of the journey of my own life and we will explore how the principles can be applied to yours. What is your generational heritage? What do you know or what can you learn about the people and cultures that came before you? What are the values you want to embrace and what are the values you want to change? How can you reconnect to your generational timeline and receive the treasures God has stored up for you? Sometimes it only takes some reframing. Yes, we all have knuckleheads in our past – some of them not too far behind us. But could there be a treasure underneath the toxicity? Are you throwing the baby out with the bath water? Very possibly, if not likely. For something to go really wrong, there had to be the potential for it to go really right. 

And that potential is waiting for you to redeem it!

This is a 3 CD set

This set was released in November 2017

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